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This course provides basic knowledge on Blockchain and its applications for many different backgrounds in just 75 minutes.

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- Course content introductory.
- Lectures on Centralized and Decentralized model.
- Lectures on Blockchain components and characteristics.
- Lectures on Bitcoin's operation on the Blockchain platform.
- Applications of Blockchain.


Course description

  • The course provides the learners with basic knowledge on Blockchain's components and characteristics, as well as comparison between Blockchain-utilized model and non Blockchain-utilized model. Besides, the learners will be learning about the operation of Bitcoin on the Blockchain platform, which is one of the hotest search keys today.

  • Blockchain's applications in many different fields will be introduced in the most detailed manner, which should help the learners have different perspectives on the technology, burst out new ideas of applying Blockchain into his or her own professionals.

  • With refined video visuals and effects, the course is believed to bring about interesting and engaging learning experience. This should be helpful for the learners to memorize the knowledge.

Course Requirements

  • Be equiped with computers/smartphones/tablet,.. with stable internet connection.

  • Know how to use computer and internet.

Target audience

  • IBL Staff

  • IBL Partners

  • People from different backgrounds that want to learn about Blockchain

Course objectives

  • Be able to distinguish between Centralized model and Decentralized model.

  • Understand Blockchain's important components and chacteristics.

  • Know about the operation of Bitcoin on the Blockchain platform.

  • Understand Blockchain's applications.

Curriculum For This Course
  • Section 1: Introduction to Blockchain technology platform.

  • Section 2: Advantages and Disadvantages of Centralized model.

  • Section 3: Introduction to Decentralized model.

  • Section 4: Decentralized model's characteristics.

  • Section 5: Introduction to Bitcoin and Cryptography.

  • Section 6: Propagation.

  • Section 7: Bitcoin mining process.

  • Section 8: Bitcoin mining process (continue).

  • Section 9: Fork.

  • Section 10: Confirmation.

  • Section 11: Utilization of Blockchain's characteristics in reality.

  • Section 12: Blockchain's applications in detailed.

  • Section 13: Blockchain's applications in detailed (continue).

  • Section 14: Knowledge summary.

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    Ashish Das

    Head of Fintech R&D, IBL CO., LTD

    Working in the software industry for the last 20 odd years Ashish brings business and technical experience from various sectors. Being inclined towards the technology by nature he has worked in fortune 500 software development companies in various roles starting as a software developer in early years and later architect and senior program manager.

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